Best language to learn first?

I am new to it u wAnt to learn a language just not sure which one to learn first

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Hi @Smscotta6 :grinning:

I suggest Python.

Ok thanks that is what I figured.

following the fcc cirriculum will get yo familiar with html and javascript. i think this is a great place to start since it gives you a little bit of an introduction to front end and back end development. but python is also a very amazing and intuitive language as well :slight_smile:

from one newbie, to another. :fist_right: :fist_left:

html/css for sure it’s much easier then python and it will teach u the basic of webdevelopment. At least in my experiance :3

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@Smscotta6 i think python is the best language to start off learning first , its also one of the most fast growing programs out there.

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Here is my post from the beginning of 2018, but it still applies.

At work, I do Full-Stack development using ASP.Net MVC. Currently, I’m leaning towards Node.js or Python.

If you are planning on doing any web development, then regardless of back-end language you need to learn the trinity of Front-End Development HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Just go with Python.

Python is top selection for the best programming language to learn first.

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There are only 2 “realistic” choices.

  1. Python - it has a clean clear syntax, super flexible, great for learning. Its taught more and more every year in universities due to these qualities.

  2. JavaScript - JavaScript is the language of the web. Unlike Python its actually not easy on beginners but this is made up for the fact there is more resources to learn JS than other languages, again due to the nature of the web :wink:

Not only that, but JS is extremly accessible due to the fact all you need to run it, and play around with it is your browser. Yes there are plenty of playgrounds out there, but your web browser is already one :wink:

Just remember its less about the language you learn and more about what you learn with that language.

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I would echo what @bradtaniguchi has said.

While I think Python is objectively easier as a language, I think the community around JavaScript is better for seeking help, resources, and shared experiences.

This is in no small part due to the freeCodeCamp curriculum placing such a heavy emphasis on JavaScript as the primary language it teaches. Our community offers amazing support to beginners.

My experiences seeking beginner help in Python (largely from StackOverflow) and JavaScript (from this community) were so starkly contrasted I would happily recommend new developers start by learning the slightly harder JavaScript first.

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Really, any language is good to learn with. Python is accessible, but it has it’s downsides too. Ultimately the language is just a tool and what’s important is the problem solving.

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With a tool like Unity you can start in game development right now using C#.

I personally don’t recommend this due to the difficult nature of building a game regardless of programming proficiency. You not only have to learn programming, but you also have to learn 3D modeling, sound, animation, and physics. Yes you can get assets for all that stuff, but its “extra fluff” beyond just programming and the language of your choice.

Its one thing to learn some basic logic for a CRUD app, its another to build a Super Mario clone, and yet another to build a 3D game.

PS. I built a game using Unity a few years back, it was a great experience but I don’t think I’d ever do it again. Game development is hard, job prospects are limited, and I don’t have the best artistic skills. C# as a language is fine, but its along the lines of Java, and I’d consider its most common use-cases “to big” for a beginner.

You can’t beat single file python apps when it comes to learning :slight_smile:

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Question for those in the thread, can Python be used for web development? I was under the impression that only Javascript could be used for front end.

You can use Python to build the backend of a website. This is also true for most other languages.

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There are several routes:

1- Learn a language that will allow you to start seeing why programmers love what they do but abstract a lot of low level details away such as Python. It has tons of libraries to get you started doing stuff like automation, machine learning, pen-testing, videogames, and more.
2- Learn C++/C (or even basic assembly) to learn how computers work at a lower than usual level (still, the lowest level possible is machine code) and get your computer science fundamentals straight.
3- Learn an OOP language, to me it didn’t matter which one it was; I started with C# because of school but learning one will make learning the other one extremely easy.
4- Learn Javascript, because nowadays it’s all web apis, web apps and hybrid mobile apps; plus it teaches you fundamentals to a certain degree (even tho the language is flawed) and has c-like syntax.
5- All of the above in no particular order.

Yes, Python has several frameworks for web development like Flask and Django. There are several large companies using Python like Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox.

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Javascript handsdown, you can make something and immediate see what’s happening on the browser.