JS Vs Python.Need Help

I am a month into learning Python from books but am thinking to switch to JS.As FCC hasgood curriculum.Any suggestions:should i stick to Python or should i learn JS.Thanks`

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Python is a back-end language. JavaScript can be used on the front-end (the browser) and the back-end (using Node). The real question is what are you hoping to learn/implement once you have learned a scripting language like Python or JavaScript? If you are planning on getting into front-end web development, then you must learn JavaScript and may never use a back-end language.


@Sam247 Learn both of them. They are both great languages. You will get to compare how the both of them work. You will be a more well rounded programmer.

I agree with @RandellDawson, knowing what you want to do will help you decide which to choose. Personally though if you’re just starting out learning how to program, I think Python will better suit you due to its versatility and the fact that it’s truly object-oriented (or can be). Python has always to me been the sort of jack of all trades language: easy to use, can do a whole heck of a lot (maybe (probably) not efficiently), and has a ton of documentation/tutorials/projects out there to practice and learn from.

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Eventually I would learn both but would probably start with Python first due to the easiness of getting started with it. Learning it now and although I get hung up on things sometimes, it’s not as bad when you figure it out. Once you master Python or get somewhat proficient at it, I am sure it will help you learn JS too and you’ll have a much easier time.

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Thanks Campers for the advice and support.