Python & Javascript for beginner?

Short background: I’m very new to programming, I’m planning on doing a complete career change within the next year with realistic schedules in place. I’ve started the fCC certificate, as well as taking advantage of some other free resources like a free CSS course on Udemy and general research.

I’m loving every step of the way, and find it all works really well with my brain. I’m not expecting this to be a breeze by any means, but I enjoy the challenges and find the results logical. I want to break into the industry through fullstack development with a focus on React and the front end, but a good understanding of backend via Python/Node.js. (I also hope that this allows me to build on my Python skill set in the years to come if I’d like to branch out into another field.)

My question: I understand my priority right now is learning the foundations and syntaxes of programming, and I don’t plan on spreading myself out thin among too many languages, but could I consider learning Python along with fCC doing predominantly Javascript? I figure I’ll end up using both, but with that said I wouldn’t want to slow down my progress.

Important factors: I’ve decided to take on programming full-time (6-8h+/day). Either studying or creating code, and support myself freelancing for on a more part-time basis (4h/day) which is enough to support me for the next however long it takes to make this passion profitable.

ANY advice is well welcomed!

That’s perfectly fine. Only issue is Python and JavaScript have some unique syntaxes, and if you don’t have any coding background at all, you could confuse yourself on what syntax belongs to what. You also have to manage 2 separate environments.

If you are able to separate the 2 as you learn them, it’s perfectly fine to learn both. They have very similar features, so the concept you learned in one could apply to the other.

Even now, when I need to stand up a simple server, I usually use my flask boiler plate instead of an express server, and I do coding challenges often in Python. It’s just the first language I learn and the one that has the cleanest syntax.

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