Should I switch to web development from python?

My goal is to get remote freelance jobs. I’ve been learning Python on and off for 5 months but I’m loosing motivation because I don’t really see what can I do with it. It have a feeling that if I want to do freelance projects I would be better off learning web development. What do you think? Is there a point in sticking to python?

Python is a nice general purpose language and it’s cleaner than JavaScript. A big advantage that javascript has in web development is that browsers are already based in Js but you can still compile your code from python to Js to run in the browser so its not that big a deal.

Check out Flask and Django for python based web development. Jinja is also a nice templating language that you can use to help render your python code to the browser.

I think a good lane is to not give up on python completely but also maybe learn some Js or Ruby depending on what job market you’re trying to get into. I’m focused on Js right now and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with it even though my job search sucks right now, but I plan to get into Python more soon as my secondary language.

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Thank you. Would Free Code Camp be a good option for me to start learning about web development?

For sure. It’s not going to make you an expert or anything but a good place to get your feet wet. I think the community is the strongest thing it has going for it, but the lessons cover very relevant topics and lot’s of people say they’ve found job’s before they even finished the course.

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Thank you. Right now my biggest issue with Python is that I can’t seem to find good courses for free, but I don’t want to pay for a course while I’m not even really sure what would I use it for. I feel like finishing the FCC course would give me a direction and after that it would be easier to get back into Python and maybe I would even want to pay for a course. Am I correct?

You say you’ve been learning on and off for 5 month, what are you learning to do with it during those 5 month?

Python is a very versatile language, you can do web development with it. In fact, a lot of people do web development with it. Pinterest fro example is built mostly on a Python stack.

Yup I was learning python at first and coding became less intimidating but then I made a real effort to understand Javascript and then understanding code in general became much easier.

As for free information, youtube would probably be your best bet. It probably won’t be as good as some paid courses but really the best way to learn is to just watch as many videos as you can and play around with little pieces of code. Don’t rush and don’t try to build something complicated right away. Understand all the little parts first.

I watched a video on this today:

Edit: in it, he states that python is an excellent language to learn concepts, but outside of AI, its application is limited. That’s the “deception”

I was doing beginner edx courses with no real direction.

Are you a beginner to coding and computer science? Python is a very popular language to teach beginners. Its syntax is clean, it has strong built in standards library, and you can program both functionally and object oriented. It’s good for learning programming concepts and fundementals, which are highly important as you learn to solve problems.

Languages and frameworks are just tools. The real important thing is to understand those underlying concepts and fundementals, because most of them are universal that applies to any language.

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Yes, I’m a beginner. In high school I learnt a bit of C#, but that was 8 years ago. I don’t remember how to write code in C#, but as I’m learning I remember a lot of concepts.