Getting started with Python

Hey people, i have recently joined the fcc community :smile: and i thought of starting with Python certification course directly without going on with the first 6 web design cert courses ; pls do suggest me whether is it a good idea to do so (btw i have some basic knowledge in coding and have learnt some python coding during schoolings itself :wink: )

Given the differences in the categories, I don’t think it would hurt to do Python without doing web dev.

One question for you though is what you’re looking to gain out of programming. Depending on your interests Python might not be the best path to take.


Tysm for helping me😁
Also for now i dont have any specific needs to gain out .
Just thought of learning some coding and programming.
So i thought it would be better if i continue with the one i already have some idea :blush:

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Some of, or a lot of web development involves programming so that we can add behaviors to our interfaces. HTML and CSS are not programming languages; they are purely declarative text documents.

If one has little real need for creating web documents or apps, then pure programming might be a better place to start, and learn about user interfaces, web apps and web development later on. It might be you will benefit from learning about logic and play with it as you learn.

What is it that you are interested in, now?


Thank you sir for ur explanation . I guess after learning abt the difference in a much good manner from ur reply , I just got much interested in a programming language itself .
So I gonna directly start with Python :slightly_smiling_face: from fcc sir .

Thank u @8-bitgaming and @mtf :wink:


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