New to coding, any recommendations on which certification I should do first?

I am absolutely new to this stuff and was wondering if you all had any ideas on which certification/course I should do first, was thinking on doing “scientific computing with python”.

hi @arandomusername88

This is a VERY broad question as the possibilities are endless and depend on what you eventually want to do. I believe Python or JavaScript are both good first languages, that being said I’m fairly new myself. I recommend getting on Youtube watching some videos to get a general sense of things. It also matters to a degree what your reason to learn is, if its to get a job maybe choose something in demand in your area. If its for a hobby and you know what you want to build, maybe research what language is best to build that. In general python would be a great introduction to programming. Hope this helps if anyone with more experience feels like chiming in feel free to correct me lol

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For FCC, the usual recommended course is top to bottom.

The Python stuff (which starts at that cert) could be a starting point, but it assumes some experience with programming outside of Python.


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