Starting with python (for NPL)

Hello, I have almost finished the course “Scientific computing with Python” and I do not feel ready for the challenges. I must say that this is the first programming language that I am trying to learn, so I have started with 0 knowledge. Would it be better if I took other courses in other languages before?

I started directly with python because I am interested in NLP and I believe this is the language they used the most for this purpose. In the meantime, while I decide what to do, I have started learning Java (here in FCC).

Any piece of advice as regards what to do? I am not quite sure about the path I should follow.

*Javascript. Java and Javascript are completely different.

Our Python course isn’t designed as much for learning your first programming language as our Javascript course is. Expanding that content is on the TODO list, but it is not something that will happen in the near term.

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Thank you, for the moment, I will stick to the Javascript course, and maybe when I gain some knowledge I will give Python another go.


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