Can I start learning Python without previous experience?

I am interested to start the python certification for scientific computing. Is it possible to start it without having completed the JavaScript certifications? I am interested in data analysis and not to web development. The site recommends the completion of the JavaScript certifications before moving to Python. Thanks in advance

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The curriculum was designed to be down in order.
So you might find that the first python section moves a little bit fast.

The other certification after that are not considered beginner level.

If you really want to start with python you will need to supplement your knowledge with other sources in addition to the FCC videos.

Hope that helps!

You can start with Python - but keep in mind the programming basics that covered in the JS course are not going to be covered in the Python course again.

Programming is a skill in itself and the languages matters little at the start. Ofcourse JS is usually used for webdev, but it’s a fully cappable programming language in itself. There is nothing in Python you couldn’t technically do in JS or the other way around. Hence knowing the basics in JS will also work when transitioning to Python → so the JS course is still useful.

If you skip JS, you might need to look up the basics somewhere else, covered directly in Python.

this course is very good for python beginner and you can intertwine it with the Python for Everybody Course from the FCC curriculum, but without really working on projects/challenges its hard to fully comprehend different concepts, this is where the JS course comes in aid. All the practical challenges there help you assimilate the material you are being present.
Python and JS, and other programming languages main difference is syntax, but they use very similar techniques and concepts. If you abstract yourself from the syntax part, knowing any language can allow you easily grasp another. JS is more syntactically complicated compared to Python, but much of the basics are the same. Very often things that are more complicated in JS, can be solved simpler with Python.
Since i did follow the order of the FFC curriculum, once i came to Python, it went as a breeze as i was already greatly familiar with things like variables, objects, lists, functions and so on.

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