What's the difference between the core courses and other youtube videos?

So I’m a complete 0 at Python and starting with the Scientific Computing with Python course. However, I noticed there’s this other YouTube video from FCA, but it’s not one of the core certificate options of the website. What’s the difference? Should I be starting with the video linked first before doing the certification courses on FCA?

Hi @huhjunn !

If you are new to programming in general, the python sections from the core platform assume you have done the previous JavaScript sections.
So if that is the case, then the python core curriculum might move a little bit quickly for absolute beginners and you will want to start with the beginner youtube video.
If you have some programming experience and just looking to pick up another language, then you can start with the core platform.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help. I’ve finished the beginner video, do you think I should do any other vids before jumping straight into the Scientific Computing with Python course? Rather than starting FCC from HTML, I thought I’d jump into the areas of my interest. Is that a bad idea given that I have 0 programming experience?

Well, the tricky part will be the projects for the python course.

If you are looking at those projects and are completely lost, then I would suggest studying some more with outside resources before starting those projects.
Since the curriculum was designed to be done in order, the python projects assume you have already done the previous javascript courses.

You can take a look at those projects and see if you have enough knowledge to complete them.
If so, then you can keep going through the course.
If not, then you will need to keep studying before tackling those projects.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply! If I’m mainly interested in learning Python, would it be beneficial for me to start FCC from the beginning? If there’s a faster way to prepare myself for the Scientific Computing with Python, what resources would you recommend for this?

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Fcc has a few python videos on their YouTube channel that cover beginner and intermediate concepts. Then I would suggest building some beginner level projects and continuing to build on complexity from there. Then you can dive into the python certs. With all of that stuff you will still spend the same amount of time as someone who started at the beginning of the fcc courses. The difference will be that you will have spent your time just on python instead of JavaScript. But there is no substitute for practice and building projects :grinning:

Thanks for your help! With 0 programming experience/knowledge, I’m not sure where to start. I don’t have a specific job/goal in mind, but am learning coding as a hobby since tech is the future. I thought I’d start with data analysis since I work as an office admin, but it sounds like there’s no faster way to learn Python versus doing FCC from the start. Is there some sort of curriculum I can follow for Python, or would you recommend I simply start from the beginning of FCC and do all the modules?

In that case, I would just start from the beginning.
The first few certificates teach the absolute basics in programming which is transferable to other programming languages.

The fundamentals you learn and practice in javascript will transfer over to python.

Hope that helps!

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