Learning Python .. Wich one?


Completely new to learning python. I would like to go in the direction of Cyber security and hacking although im not sure which course is best for this out of all the FreeCodeCamp Courses.

Can someone please advise ?> thank you !

To be honest, It has been a while since I worked on the actual courses here. I think you will have to go look through the courses and see the material covered in each section

If I may make a suggestion. FCC courses here are good, and obviously they are free. However, I also mention the site udemy to people as well. You can search the site for cyber security or ethical hacking, and it will bring several courses designed just for that. Those courses are not free, but they usually dont cost more than $15 and you have access to the course for life. Even if you dont end up liking the course, you csn get a refund for it up to 30 days after you purchase it

hey thanks, i appreciate that.

just to clarify … what is the “FCC” course? lol
sorry … complete newbie here.

FCC = FreeCodeCamp.
So there is one on security which uses a JavaScript framework which means you should do the JavaScript course first to actually understand JS and datastructures.

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If I were you , I would make sure I have a strong base knowledge of python before moving onto these things. The python courses here are good , I think you should try them. If you already did I suggest trying out some simple projects to test your knowledge.

This is just a personal suggestion.

The Scientific Computing with Python is a fast pace course to introduce you with the basics of Python, but id strongly advise you look for additional exercises to get a better grasp on coding. When i started the FCC lessons, i did from the beginning with JS, which gave me the ground for coding, so i had no trouble getting along with Python later, but im unsure this would happen if you jump at it directly. Then you can continue with Data Analysis(with Python), which might not sound like something directly related to what you look forward, but it gives good idea of Python libraries and how to use them. Finally, Information Secutiry section will give you some idea for what you really aim for, but it also includes JS lessons, which are nice to be able to handle too.

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