Where do I continue?

Hi, I just finished the “Scientific computing with python”.
Does anyone have any clear idea of what’s next?
(I’ve seen some mention Django and some books.)

Depending of your path .
1.If you aspire to be a developer, then you can learn Django, Flask or CherryPy. According to your interest.
2.If you are interested in Data Analysis, then you have two more certificates in FCC related to that. (Data Analysis and ML.)
3.You can also give a try to Python to Cybersecurity. In the FCC Information Security Cert.
Hope this helps.

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On FreeCodeCamp is recommended to do the curriculum in order, so if you have no preferences go forward to the next course :smiley: You can also try some challenges on the last part if you want.

Have a good day!

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Thanks, I’ll go for option 1 for now. Might dive into the other areas later. :grinning:

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I am also over 1, there is little free time

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