Cybersecurity industry

Hi eveyone,
I am new in this site, I am very intersted in programming and Cyber security, but I don`t know where do I have to start.
Anyways, would you give me some guidlines regardless of Cybersecurity, I would appreciate it.

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Hello there,

The main focus of the freeCodeCamp curriculum is on web development using the MERN stack, and security is briefly mentioned in the courses. Also, there are recently added Python courses. The Python courses cover Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and there is a section on Penetration Testing.

All of which can be accessed here:

You do not have to start anywhere; many campers skip sections. However, there is some expectation campers will follow the order the sections are presented. For the Python sections, there is absolutely no need to have done any web development, but I would not advise you skip the HTML related content, if you intend to tackle the JavaScript content.

To get any certificate, you do not need to complete the lessons, just the 5 associated projects within each main section.

Hope this helps.

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