Cyber Security Courses?

Hi Everyone,

After hearing about the recent cyber attacks (WannaCry) I’ve become really interested in learning more about cyber security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, etc…

I was wondering if anybody knew some free courses in those topics?


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Hi @ap987

Check the beta of freeCodeCamp, the back end section: there is not a course in CyberSecurity per se but it is about programming against different kinds of attacks.

There’s something on the Kali website, I recall members there back patting and quoting its mantra “try harder”. Not sure how free it is but master Kali and you’ve mastered the technical if not social aspects of “cyber security”

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Try Cybrary, alternatively, i have plenty of infosec resources on my Github, just scroll down, they are quite disorganized for now, but if you need somewhere to grind, might as well go there.
I would also recommend the book Penetration testing a hand’s on introduction to hacking.

As a side note, the information security curriculum from Freecodecamp beta is not a very good way into cybersecurity, certainly not the kind you seem to be looking for. Maybe it’s due to the nature of the beta process, but there’s very little information security concepts applied to those projects, it’s for the most part the usage and configuration of a single library (helmet.js).


I did the OSWP course some months ago, and I can say it’s definitly worth the money! Kali is a powerful distribution and you can do awesome stuff with it, if you know how. I’ll do some more courses there, if I have the time.

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You can try free videos on youtube or try But I don’t think that any free course can make you a really good cybersecurity specialist. If you are interested in cybersecurity, then take any courses in cybersecurity that would help you to become a good cybersecurity specialist.

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