Advice please, direction, so confused

My confusion is killing me, i want to get into cyber security, but i always find stuff and people telling me that you don’t have right degree for it you need be an Engineer for that field, i came here to get out of this confusion and to study data science as it’s kinda related to my bachelors in managerial information systems , but when i found that information security courses on the website that confusion started to hit me again what should i do…

and is that course in freecodecamp need no past experience in anything? do i just jump in and start

‘if i decided to’

  • @abdalrahman.gamal.m, Hey there! Welcome to the FCC forums!

  • Well, unfortunately, I can’t really help you with your dilemma as I’m too young to really offer any meaningful advice, but I can tell you about the Freecodecamp curriculum and how I use it! That should help clear up how to use it for yourself and maybe I’ll give you some advice as well but take it with a grain of silicon.

  • The main FCC curriculum revolves around Web development with the first few courses focusing on Html, CSS, and JavaScript that combine to form Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms/Data structures. All the courses revolve around Web design or back-end server-side security and programming.

  • I also can’t exactly tell you if you can jump into the courses without any experience, I could help if you told me your past experiences with coding, programming, and just overall development in really any field of technology. If anything, I suggest checking out the courses themselves, once you look you could be surprised at how much might be foreign and how much could be familiar.


So, should you pursue your interests? I would say to do more research into you field of interest, in this case Cybersecurity.

Learn the superficial requirements and ways the field is used and then find the best way to learn them, whether that be through FCC, a nice Udemy bootcamp, or even a YouTube playlist. Learn your way and don’t be afraid to ask questions in forums and search for blog posts and websites to help guide you.

As for how to use the skills you already have I’ll just have to refer you to people who have more experience in the Job industry.

I hope this helped you have some perspective. If I just ended up confusing you even more go ahead and let me know LOL. Everyone learns differently and no matter what anyone tells you anyone can learn and surprise themselves with what they can do. Don’t let the comments of others drag you down, instead use those comments as motivation to try even harder. All knowledge is good knowledge even if you end up using it as much as you would like.

Best, Cy499_Studios

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What makes you want to pursue cybersecurity? I think that would help understand what you need/want your path to look like.

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I found some articles on FCC news that might help you better understand how to get into cyber security.