Where to start?

Hello! Im excited to learn how to code! But I got so confused when I saw a lot of courses. Which one should I take first? Are they connected? So I was hoping someone can guide me. + I noticed that a lot of people advice to start with harvard’s program but I tried to watch the first lecture and it just made me more confused? what should I do?

We can give you a better answer if you tell us what your goals are.

The FCC Curriculum is excellent. It’s designed to be worked through from top to bottom (if you are a beginner), so I’d start with Responsive Web Design and see how you get on.


Just follow the freecodecamp curriculum . Even some courses of the curriculum are for python or databases this courses assume that you already know the code basis as types, loops, classes and so on so even if you don’t want to learn html or javascript I suggest follow the order because this courses will tech you the essentials concepts.

Also you can take a tutorial on youtube and then go directly to the course of your interest but if you don’t know nothing is better to follow the order

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I’m 16 and I don’t know what career path I’ll be taking and I want to learn coding so I can have more opportunities.

then just follow the courses in order, one at time, you’ll get a strong basis on different areas and then you can decide if you want to specialize in one area or another or just been a “bit of every thing” dev.


Like others have said, start the courses on here from top to bottom. The support system on this website is great and the steps are easy to follow and gives you a lot of repetition


Also perhaps worth mentioning something I discovered the other day entirely by chance.
On the settings page, when you scroll right down through the lists of certifications, I found this at the bottom of the page.

The Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance certification doesn’t exist anymore, but completing some of the projects from the current Information Security and Quality Assurance courses, appears to cover it.

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