Completely new!

hello! im super new to coding but i want to start somewhere! what course should i do first? im down to do a longer course as long as i can learn all of the basics or something:)

Hi there and welcome to our community!

The FCC Curriculum is designed to be followed from top-to-bottom, so Iā€™d start with the Responsive Web Design Certification, which will teach you the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

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Welcome to the community!

@igorgetmeabrain gave you great advice.

I just want to suggest, from another learner to you, the community is a great place to ask questions if you get stuck, @igorgetmeabrain and the rest of the team are great, as are the other learners in the community.

Another suggestion is, if you think you may wish to receive the Friday emails from Quincy. They have so much great information and links.
As well, though I have not yet visited any, he has podcasts that can be very informative.

Being an older person, not quite dinosaur age, but getting there, :slight_smile: , I truly enjoy all aspects of the learning, and interaction with the community.

Again, welcome! Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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