What to do now?

Hello FFC-ers!
I am completely new here and I have started today only with Responsive Web Design Certification and have completed the Basic HTML and HTML5 module. But I found that it has not covered many topics and I am confused what to do next!
Can anyone help me with the Step-by-Step process to follow?
I found the information in the internet very unorganized which confuses me and makes me quit…

Hi digiari, welcome to the FCC forum!

when you are done with basic HTML you should land at basic CSS: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/basic-css

When you click on “learn” in the upper right corner you get an overview of the curriculum structure, which is designed to be done in order …

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Well, I suggest you supplement those tutorials with extra learning materials; such as: YouTube videos, PDF materials etc.
Thereafter, you seek for an assistance here on this forum for any overwhelming challenges you encounter in

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