I just started using FCC; any advice for a newbie?

I’m learning “Responsive Web Design” and have completed 18 topics of “Basic HTML and HTML5”.

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Keep learning. Just keep learning. Do at least a little everyday. When you start getting enough skills to build things, start building things - but you’ll get a chance in to some in the curriculum so it’s OK if you focus on that.

Long term, learn and build things. Once you get tired of that, mix it up and build things and learn for a while. Those are the most important things.

Just keep moving through the curriculum, keep moving forward. Don’t get caught up. Don’t worry about perfection or memorizing things - that is what google is for.

And don’t forget to ask if you run into difficulties. Spend some time trying to figure it out, google it, etc. But if you can’t find it, ask.


As a fellow newbie who has only very recently completed the course I would like to add that I found watching some of the excellent youtube tutorials on CSS HTML to be extremely helpfull in getting me through the course. Infact I am not sure if I could have done it without them.
I recommend net ninja as one of the better experts on youtube but there are several to choose from. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to an expert rather than just reading constantly. Also they can go into more detail than a few sentences on a page so anytime your confused or stuck, sit back relax and watch a video on the topic.
Happy coding!

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Make a routine and stick with it. Learning to code is a journey. You can use the pomodoro technique to learn efficiently and prevent burnout and make some weekly review sessions in order to remember and keep the informations you learn. To wrap up go to the gym and keep body healthy that will help you learn faster.

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