Help, I am new to coding

hello, i am a complete novice at coding. i am currently 45 percent finished in the html curriculum but im not sure whats going on. ive never learned the basics, terms or anything close to that . i was just wondering if i should continue this route that im taking on fcc or should i learn the basics elsewhere ? i can dedicate 7-8 hours a week teaching myself since im currently working everyday of the week. please help

First of all, your confusion is normal.

I think the FCC is a good path, but it is also not comprehensive. It tries to keep moving to keep people interested, but if there is some subject that you think you should spend a little more time on, by all means look for blog posts, tutorials, youtube videos, etc. Different people struggle with different subjects so they don’t want to bog you down on every lesson.

But I also recommend against worrying about perfection - no one can memorize all this stuff and developers are googling things all day. And the quest for perfection will just slow you down. Accept that some things won’t quite gel until later. At least that’s how it was with me.


HI @gibson.jarrod !

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I am also a beginner and I agree with Kevin’s point about trying to write perfect code.

It is just not going to happen.

We are beginners.

We are going to make mistakes.

Our code is not going to be as clean as a professionals and that is ok. We are still learning this stuff.

Over time, our code will become cleaner and more efficient but the key is patience.

Just work on doing the best you can and trying to learn a little bit each day.
It is totally fine if certain concepts don’t make sense right now.
With time and practice things will start to become more clear. :grinning:

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Exactly this.

I’ve only started to comeback into programing one week ago.
Started fresh, as I need to learn everything from the beginning.

Currently my coding is all over the place, and not fully understanding everything. I’m taking it slow. Completed all the html/css mini challenges on FCC, onto the projects, 2 down.

Check out the fcc youtube channel for fantastic content.
The Odin Project
Frontend Mentor
Code Wars

Great sites for practising coding.