Need some advice

So I need some advice. In February I started learning on fcc and for that month I was on every day and by the end of the month I did my tribute page with no problems, the page was not great but just ok.
But when I started the portfolio project it felt like I had learnt nothing and not very disheartened.
So I took a few days break from it but then I got ill and run down. So now over a month later I’m trying to get back into learning but can’t get myself in the swing of things.

So should I start from the start again from the beginning?

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I agree with @P1xt but I’ll add that I think there can be value in jumping back to specific challenges to refresh yourself on a topic or properly understand something you glossed over before.


I 90% agree with @P1xt, but because it has been so long since you last looked at it all I do think you could benefit from going back through some material from a different source.

If you have not done so already, check out UDEMY and consider either course from Rob Percival or Colt Steele. Colt will give you knowledge to have so much more confidence within a day or two. Rob is a slower pace than Colt, but his methodology may be more beneficial for the long term. Search the internet for coupons and each can be purchased for $15-20. Personally, both are more than worth it and I’ve spent time working through both. If you can only afford one, go with Colt.


The advice from @P1xt might seem harsh, but is also 100% true. I had the exact same meltdown you’re going through right now a couple of weeks ago. I think what ended up helping me the most was instead of starting FCC over, I found some other tutorials on HTML and CSS from places like Codecademy, Udemy and Youtube (Coding Tutorials 360 is pretty great). They were all covering roughly the same stuff that FCC does, but explaining it in different ways that sometimes stuck more for me.

Ultimately though with the portfolio project, I think it comes down to breaking everything up into as small of pieces as possible to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed. It’s also something that a lot of people will come back to as they go through the curriculum and update with the new skills they’ve learned.

None of it happens overnight, stay consistent and eventually you’ll get it.

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Thanks for the advice and I am going for the udemy option and doing the colt steele bootcamp.

there is a theory in education that it takes three times at least to learn something…

I agree with the sentiment of trying new versions of the same material…

I would add that maybe restarting something like algo challenges and refactoring code is a good approach…

And if yer stuck it doesn’t hurt to go back an few exercises and race through as a refresher but only go back until the material makes sense and start from there and not the very very very beginning

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I will throw this out there as well…about month ago I took:

Learning How to Learn on Coursera

It is a 4 week long MOOC and each week takes roughly an hour to complete (assuming you don’t do the extra projects). A lot of great information on best practices for learning new things.


Totally agree on learning how to learn…

almost would suggest is a ‘pre-req’ for any study

thanks, I will check that out.

So after reading your great advice, I have signed up to the colt steele Bootcamp on Udemy.
I have also got myself a laptop so I don’t have to borrow my wife’s laptop!
My plan is to do the Udemy Bootcamp and when I feel like I can work on the fcc portfolio project I will start that.

again thanks for the advice, I will post an update on how I am doing and any other questions I may have.

I kind of agree with P1xt and I kind of do not. Everyone learns at their own pace. Sometimes starting over helps a lot. But I can’t recommend starting over at FCC. Take a look around, check out other web design courses (I studied using more than 5 different sites, some of the best were - coursera, udemy, udacity, Codecademy, There are tons of FREE materials, especially useful one is w3schools as a good reference (you can also study basics there), and stackoverflow already contains answers to practically every question I ever had.

If you are uncertain about your skill level, feel free about starting over and completing another course to see how well that goes. But don’t get caught in it.

It took me around a year to complete a simple portfolio page, I’m not sure I posted it. I just don’t like the design. Writing it took a couple of days, preparing took forever. I searched for a perfect template (design, wireframe, example - anything I could use), or so I thought. But the problem was in me. I was afraid to take a big challenge that is a portfolio.

If you’re like me, stop being afraid. And stop trying to make it perfect. Just glue together chunks of code, styles, HTML and CSS, add some navigation and fire away. At this point portfolio is not a finished product, not your business card, but a step on a long road to profession.

Anything works as long as it meets requirements. Finish it up and get ready for challenges ahead. As I said, if you aren’t certain you learned all you should have learned, take a look at other courses. They may help fill in the gaps. But don’t put your portfolio psge aside, create a simple one if you have to, but finish the challenge. And keep working on whatever follows.

Just trying to encourage you in a friendly manner :slight_smile:


I started FCC somewhere in august or September 2016. I still haven’t finished my portfolio, and my tribute page sucks, but I have learned and made so many things since I started learning web programming here. I started learning from other sources too, but freeCodeCamp is a constant. Don’t start from the beginning, start from where you’re kind of comfortable but not 100% sure about it, and once you get confident with it, move on and learn something more complex and so on. And make things in the process, no matter how small or insignificant they may look to you, make stuff while learning.
Don’t give up on us bro! We leave no man behind!!! :smiley:


It’s simple I skipped it until I finish Pluralsight bootstrap
you can make free account with 3 months full access on Pluralsight
check on google how to make it