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hey community :slight_smile:

I’m new and I want to start learning on freecodecamp as soon as possible.
I’ve worked in support and now I got some free time. I checked to courses that are offered on freecodecamp and … maybe somebody can help me out which ones are the best ones to start with? Is there an order that works best? Like doing the important things (that help most to land a job) first ? Or do you suggest going one by one as listet on freecodecamp?

thanks in advance :slight_smile: Lin


Hi Lin,
Welcome to coding! Rather than giving my personal view, I thought better to direct you to threads that same question (more or less ) was answered in the forum. Yes, you’re not alone. Most of us had that question when we started here.
So,here you go…

Welcome again,

Thank you! I will check it out

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Hi Lin,

I would suggest you follow the courses in the same order as in the curriculum. And that is even the sequence which freeCodeCamp suggests.

Except for D3.JS course (as there are other visualization tools in the market which are more widely used), all others are very crucial for becoming a developer or a web developer. They are enlisted in such a way that they start with the very basics and the easier stuff first so that any new comer can get her/his hands dirty without getting overwhelmed and then takes one deeper into the more advanced topics.


HI @linditamurseli !

Welcome to the forum!

I agree with what the others have said about starting from the beginning and working your way down.

I would just suggest starting with the new Responsive web design curriculum.

It contains 15 practice projects for html and css.

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I started recently with Responsive Web Design. (The first option) It taught me all the basics and fondations I needed to know. Focus on quality - not quantity. It’s important to retain much of the information, mainly the formulas.

If you appreciate my advice comment thanks@tolusciak-clinton


As at the day I’ve been learning coding, I’ve not any curriculum designed that satiates my thirst for learning except this of FCC. It is sequentially arranged to deliver the necessary objectives of the curriculum. Give it your time, because it is going to get to a stage where to you will get bored and tired of everything. Just don’t give up as @jwilkins.oboe has advised in her article.

Would recommend u start with HTML CSS

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Id definitely advise you to stick to the curriculum and go one by one, while also using external sources when you need and between the different sections. FCC shows a very good gradual model to get into web development, but its up to you to fill in when you face blank spaces.
As a first step, HTML and CSS is the fun visual part. Then comes JS, where your brain can enjoy some more logical tasks :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :blush:
I will start by the fcc order then, wish me luck :smile:

@Eminentdio I am pretty sure I didn’t talk about boredom in my recent fcc news article.
Also, I am fairly certain fcc wouldn’t publish an article advising people to leave fcc if they are bored :grinning:

One of the things that I like about fcc is that it gives you the basic skill set through challenges and projects so you can go on and build your own projects.

I always advise new developers to starting building their own projects after some time spent learning the basics.

Building your own stuff will present you with new challenges and help you grow more as a developer. :grinning:

@jwilkins.oboe, apologies, ma’am, if my reply sounded gibber in the past comment. I was trying to convey my point with the ideas that i got while reading through your article , maam!

I didnt mean to misinterpret your utterances. What i meant to type is:

“Just ‘don’t’ give up…”

But there was a “typo” error which ommited the “don’t” !!!

I stand to be corrected, maam!

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Hi Lin and welcome. I’ll offer a dissenting opinion. Learing to code is such a diverse community and topic, it’s impossible to find a curriculum that teaches exactly the way you learn, and in the order that you’ll find most interesting.

I think intellectual curiosity and excitement is really key to anyone’s eventual success. If you already have a topic that you are passionate about, please don’t insist on starting on HTML and CSS, if those topics aren’t relevant. They are at the beginning for a reason - they are fundamental and approachable. But it’s a bit silly to learn HTML and CSS first if you already know you are a database nerd and pictures of cats seem to be a distraction.

Scroll through the list and start with the first one that catches your eye. If you have a bad first taste, come here and explain why or try another topic on the other end of the spectrum. You are sure to find one that you find interesting in short order.

Have a blast and good luck!

Good Luck!

I started with python lesson one and two and then backed up to the beginning. Sure glad I did.

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In my opinion starting with javascript algorithms and data structures will give you firm grasp of programming in general, you can therefore start specializing with either frontend or backend.

OK concerning learning I’m really having a hard time in the step 6 of the html-css class

I just responded to your post :+1:

Try to learn the React.js and Python.

Hi everyone! I am new here too, thanks for sharing great info!

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