Hello here, please I am looking for Scripting course with python

I am a newbie and a friend of my suggested to me that I go learn scripting for the start, and I can’t seem to find any course like that, pls recommend any course you feel will be useful to me… my goal is to learn cyber security with python but I want the basics first… I just concluded one python for everyone by a professor from university of michigan

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Hello welcome to the forum!
You can try scientific computing with python in FCC to learn the basics…

and then move to the information security certification.

Don´t worry about scripting an other context (normally in the very start with the basic operations in python for example adding two numbers)
If you put your effort in these courses, and google your doubts. You will learn a lot for sure.
Best wishes

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If your goal is specifically to script tasks with Python, then the book Automate The Boring Stuff With Python may be a good resource.

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