I am having trouble finding Python full course. 100daysofcode

Hello to all,
I am new here and I have decided to take the 100 days of code challenge. I am interested in starting with Python. Visited the freecodecamp.org website but I am not finding the full python Course. Maybe I am missing something and since I have no idea on coding, I am kindly everyone to please help me out.

Infact, I will appreciate it if anyone has any advise for me cuz to be honest, I am stuck between Python and JavaScript. I really don’t know which one is best for me to start with. I have checked for the full courses on freecodecamp but I am not finding any of them. Any help and input will go a long way.

Thanks to you all and I look forward to your help

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Hi @Tyrese231 !

Welcome to the forum!

Scientific Computing with Python is the first Python course on freeCodeCamp

It is part of the series of courses for the new Data Science curriculum.
If you are brand new to programming, you might find that these python courses from freeCodeCamp move a little bit to quickly.
Especially when it comes to the projects.

freeCodeCamp has some good beginner courses on their youtube channel

It is common to not know which programing language to start with.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of strong opinions on what is “right” language to start with which makes the decision harder for beginners.

In my opinion, pick a language that has been around for a while, has plenty of beginner materials and a good, large supportive community behind it.

Both Python and JavaScript will give you that.

You are going to spend the first few months just learning the basics of programming like if/else statements, functions, loops, algorithmic thinking, and more where quite frankly it won’t matter which language you start with. Use the language as a way to learn the basics of programming.

Then after a few months, you can decide if you want to move into more web development or data science route or possibly something else and start to take courses for those fields.

Here is the beginner JavaScript course on freeCodeCamp

Hope that helps!

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I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to your help always as I begin my journey. Thanks a million for taking up your precious time to gave such detailed help. I am forever grateful. Have a wonderful day.
Thanks once again.

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Do check out the Below Python Course Playlist that I personally prefer:

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Thanks Harsh. I appreciate it.

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