Adjusting the curriculum for data science

Just a quick one from a newcomer –

I understand that most people are working through the curriculum in a sequential order but I’m mainly interested in working on Python from a data science / data analysis perspective.

Would I be able to jump straight into the Scientific Computing with Python module without having done the previous certifications? Or would I just get lost as previous knowledge would be expected from those modules?

I realize it’s probably frowned upon to cherry-pick from amongst the topics…but a number of certifications (front end libraries etc.) don’t really pertain to what I’m focusing on, so just wanted to check.

Welcome, cmc.

Absolutely, you can skip ahead. In general, it is recommended to complete the sections in the order they are presented. Technically, the Python section is not complete (a lot more is coming), and makes use of the YouTube course videos to teach. So, it is not the most beginner friendly (up for debate).

This would depend on yourself. The only thing you might get confused by is the Information and Security Section, because half is JavaScript (Nodejs), and half is Python. So, remember that, if you do it.

Otherwise, the Python content is quite separated from the HTML, CSS, and JS stuff.

Hope this helps

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Thank you, that is a hugely helpful response.

I’ll have a think, I may just kick off with the Scientific Computing with Python course itself or I’ll begin with reviewing some of the more beginner-friendly YouTube videos on the freeCodeCamp channel – I had already flagged some of the Python videos there and hadn’t realized the same material was being used in the Python section.

Thanks again!