Still recommended to follow courses in order for Python and where to start?

Hey guys,

according to the curriculum it’s recommended to do all courses in order. But is that really necessary if I only want to get a solid foundation in Python? It seems counterintuitive to me, that’d I’d need a course on Front-End-Development or Responsive Web Design when I don’t care about web development at all.

Also, would you say, that the Scientific Computing Course is a good starting point for someone without a lot of prior knowledge in Python? I’m currently doing fcc’s Intro to Python on Scrimba, but other than that, I’m completely clueless. Currently in med school, but my goal would be to learn enough fundamentals to have the option to go into research or medical informatics later on.

Thanks a bunch!

if you are interested only in Python, do the Python certs in order

there is still a progression in topics also in those certs

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