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I know this may come across as being really obvious, but I reckoned it wouldn’t hurt to ask

I’m new to this page, and I want to learn python certification. But the website suggests starting from the very beginning. Knowing each certification is approx 300 hours, and python isn’t introduced until the 7th course, should I skip to it, or do I need to learn about Responsive Web design (1st cert) and Java script Algorithms and Data structure (2nd cert) and so on, before I get down to python or nah?

I’m more than happy to start with the first certification if I really have to. Just want to save time where I can

If you are not interested in web development, then you can skip that. The Python stuff is kind of in a world on its own.

Thank you! I figured cause It’s not really anything I’m interested in atm. How about the second certification. I’m assuming it’d be important to understand data structures and Algorithims, unless it’s exclusively covered in the python cert too. Just wondering cause I’m not interested in Java atm either.

The second cert deals with JavaScript, which is an important language win web dev, but is also used outside web dev and in that cert they deal with it outside of a web dev context. That goes more into depth on data structures and algorithms that the Python stuff does afaik. Even though it’s in another language, the concepts are what is important.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Python section was designed with the assumption that students would have completed earlier sections. You don’t need any specific knowledge from the JavaScript lessons, but you may find that the Python course doesn’t cover fundamental basics very thoroughly.

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I see! Thank you for clearing that up. What would you suggest that I do to make sure I know what fundamentals I need to cover, I mean what exactly are those fundamentals? Should I’ve started from the very beginning, Or drift off to other alternatives? I’ve seen people suggest Codeacademy’s python free lessons for python but it’s literally 2-3 slides before you’re forced to pick up the pro version, nor do you actually learn anything. I have the time, I’m just stuck around the idea of where to start from, cause I don’t want to spend 1-2 months regretting it, if that makes any sense

Think of learning syntax is like how to graph with y = mx+b

Algorithms is being given a word problem, such as I consume 10 apples a hour, what is the consumption at x hours, and creating a equation to fit that. Its the unique situation that you must create a linear algebra solution to that must work at all values of x.

Python course will teach you the syntax, but not the word problem. However, i would suggest going for it. The final projects will teach you this, but will require you to study a little harder and use more help. I personally like to do the JS courses because I have more freedom with JS.

JavaScript can be used for backend (node/ servers/ some AI) and front end (DOM - button functionality, etc), but Python is only for backend. Technically pyscript exists for DOM so python can used to add functions to websites, but it is slower then JS and has only just now been announced (April 2022). If you start with Python now, it is possible you could start to learn pyscript and become some of the first people to do so.

Python is used more for math, data analysis, and AI (partially better then JS can). JavaScript is all for web development for websites.

However, Python is a very abstracted language. It simplifies a lot of programming concepts, but it can be harder to understand why things work the way they do under the hood without learning a even harder language like JS. Python is also much slower then JS for larger applications due to simplifying things (less processor control).

JS course on FCC is much more interactive IMO then the Python course. I enjoyed it much more.

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