From Responsive Web Design straight to Python?

Hi everyone!
I have a small question: I am almost finished with the Responsive Web Design course, which has been my first experience with coding. FreeCodeCamp recommends to do the courses in order, but I have heard a lot of people about Python and wanted to try the Python certification. Do you think that is possible for me, or do you think it’s a bad idea and I should just do them in order (so start with JavaScript for now)?
Thanks in advance!

you could, but the python cert expects some familiarity with programming concepts that are already taught in previous certs

also note that is sort of an alpha version, it is not at all interactive like what you have done so far, and it may not be the best way to learn python


Try it. If you know nothing about algorithms, data structures etc you can be a bit lost.
You can also learn python from another source and just do projects here. That will require more research on your part (a good thing).

Still, if you want to work in frontend you need to know some of the javascript, so I would not avoid it. Another thing - skills you learn in JS are transferable to python.

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Okay, thank you! Then I will definitely start with JavaScript first, and then I can take a look at Python. And then we’ll see, if I feel lost I will go through the other courses first. I saw someone on the Python forum recommend a free online class from Harvard, I might look into that after doing JavaScript. Thanks again for your help!

Okay thanks, definitely good to know it’s an alpha version. I will start with Javascript and then see :smiley: Thanks again!

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