[SOLVED]Should I learn web development bfr getting the python certification from fCC?

May I pls know whether we need to know html, css and javascript and/or the previous certifications before getting the python certification. Thanks in advance

Yes, As HTML and CSS are the basics of web development. You should learn the first 2 certifications before jumping into Python. It is my recommendation.

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So, only Responsive Web Design is enough or should I get the other certifications too ? Thanks

Just to clarify,

Again, these are more advanced certifications. They assume that you have already completed the first 6 certifications. And thus have a strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, APIs, and other concepts.

I recommend you work through the entire curriculum from start to finish, so you can learn one language really well (JavaScript) before moving on to a second language (Python).

Taken from : Python Certifications are Now Live, and Other freeCodeCamp Version 7.0 Curriculum Updates

From what I have done on the Python side, I see no need for HTML and CSS knowledge. However, the Python curriculum does not go in detail about otherwise fundametal programming techniques, so the JavaScript section would be beneficial, if you have no programing background, in that regard.

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Js is also recommended but it is the longest section in the Curriculum.
JS is very useful.

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For the programming part, the responsive design section isn’t going to help you because those are markup languages not programming languages. If you want to learn it that’s cool but it is not going to teach you programming basics.

I personally would go through the curriculum in order starting at the javascript section and work your way down to the python sections.

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