What should i learn now?

I have recently earned Responsive Web Design certification, am well versed in Python and will soon complete Python lessons, but what after that?

Those of you who would suggest JavaScript, i really wanna complete Python first and go with Python related frameworks coz:

a) I totally love it
b) I need to do SQL and Python as per my school syllabus

Also, do i need to know both Python and JavaScript to have a good knowledge of WebDev ?

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I would say that JavaScript is very important for web development, especially as companies use JS based frameworks like React and Angular.

Having a fundamental understanding of JavaScript will make learning and utilising these libraries easier.

Congratulations on the certification!


Thanks, I would be completing JS, but my first preference is Python for now, how should i proceed considering that.

Thank a lot :grin:

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up to you

but if you want to do WebDev eventually you will have to learn JavaScript

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