Which programming language should i learn

new to programming but i am like in love with computers and currently learning the vb6 about to complete the course looking for new language

Most people here are probably going to recommend starting with JavaScript, because that’s what FCC is about.

Do you know what type of programs you want to write? If so, we might be able to tell you what languages those are typically written in. Otherwise, start with JavaScript and FCC just because this is by far the best free educational platform I have ever heard of.

i was a programmer before i started into web dev. I started programming the long way which was first learning pseudocode then moving on to c# then c++ then java programming. but it really depends what yo are gonna want to do with it. You could do python, i personally enjoy python, or as ariel said, stick with Javascript.

I enjoy Python, but I’m not a fan of it as a first language for students to learn. I know that it’s increasingly popular as a first language, but I feel like it hides to much of what’s really happening behind magic. I’m not old and curmudgeonly enough to insist that everyone should start with C, but I advise against starting with Python.

i can see your logic behind that. while I do enjoy python, i agree with you after thinking about it. However, the choice and desire for each programming language changes from person to person. JS is a good way to go. I wouldnt just stick to one resource. FCC is great from what ive seen so far. but use several resources if you want to get a great handle on it.

As many students are frustrated to find out when they get to the projects, you can’t even complete FCC using only FCC as your resource. Learning how to find and understand resources is one of the most important skills a good developer has.