I am new aspiring software engineer

I have no coding experience. I would like to become a software engineer, but I have no idea where to start. Can someone help me?

I suggest following the freeCodeCamp.org curriculum in order.


Hey @JessJoy!

Starting at the beginning of FCC is a great start.
I am also a beginner(5 months in) and I would like offer up some advice.

Don’t get trapped in worrying about which programming language to choose first. Learn the basics of programming.

So many people obsess about picking the right language.
“Should I pick Javascript?”
“Should I learn Python?”
“Should I learn C?”

Honestly it doesn’t matter which language you start with. Just pick something and stick with it. Focus on the basics of programming not the language itself. In the FCC curriculum that language would be Javascript then python. Focus on the basics like functions, if/else statements, arrays, etc and figure out how all that stuff works together.

You will get stuck and that is ok
Programming can be fun but it can also be hard. Remember that you are brand new to this. So it is fine if you don’t remember everything or certains concepts don’t make sense right away. Do research, ask questions and keep practicing.

Take your time
There is literally no benefit to rushing through the curriculum. It will not make you a better programmer. If anything, it will probably hurt you because you might have gaps in your knowledge because you rushed through the concepts without understanding it first.

Learn from the pros on the forum
There are alot of great developers on the forum that have a lot of experience and knowledge to give. Read through their some of their posts. They give great advice on what it is like to be a developer and they give great explanations as to how certain concepts actually work.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! This has definitely helped a lot.