Be my mind teacher

Hi. Im 18. I have been learning python abaut 3 months. I learned basics and get comfortable with it but now I feel lost. I dont know what should I learn next or what should I focus on.

You can look a the freeCodeCamp Python projects. They are pretty good.

I have solved them (expect 2)

Then you have two more you can work on :slight_smile:

What should I do after that.

There are a million different things you can do with Python. What are you interested in?

I like visualizatided things and money :slight_smile:

Python isn’t going to make you rich after 3 months.

Data visualization is pretty broad. You can Google “Python data visualization projects” and get a pretty big selection of Coursera, Codeacademy, etc options.

What abaout Django? Is it worth to learn.

If you are interested in working on web applications and are only interested in working in Python, sure. Javascript is a more natural fit for web applications though.

What do you do? What is your path and what is your knowledge?

I write scientific software for supercomputers. Most of my domain specific knowledge is in high performance computing, but I’ve got some knowledege of web development as well since I spend a lot of time here on this forum and I spend a lot of time talking with my spouse, who is a skilled professional web developer.

Jeremy, congrats to you. I like everything abaout coding and ım ready to do everything, because of that I can’t decide. What do you suggest to me.Give me a topic names.

why instead don’t you take a few weeks to research stuff?

there are certain fields that would require a degree (machine learning, AI, and similar, may require a Mathematics or Statistics degree, or anyway something focused around there like Computer Science), others that you could be able to break in (web development)

find some youtube videos, find some programmer stories etc

Yes, Django is awesome!
There are many websites made using Django; Instagram and Pinterest are a few examples

You can even have a look at my website :-

Sure, Django is awesome. But Javascript is much more prevelant is web development than Python. If you are interested in web development, you should learn Javascript. There is no good reason to restrict yourself to a single language.

Web development with django

It really depends on what seems interesting to you. What do you want to make?

If you want to make web applications, the freeCodeCamp curriculum is great.

If you want to make scientific software, you probably want to get a degree.

If you are interested in hardware or robots, try an Arduino.

There are thousands of options available, and I can’t really pick what you find interesting.

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