What should be the first step to learn python?

Hello, I’m a beginning programmer who knows the python basics. The only problem is I don’t know what projects to do. I have been thinkin if web development (django) is a good stepping stone to start my path to become a programmer?

Any ideas or tips?


That doesn’t answer my question…

I think Python can be used for almost everything. Deciding which project to do depends on which field you like. If you are interested in Web Dev with Django, then do it. If you’re interested in other fields, create projects based on it.

But I don’t know which field I’m interested in.

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Is web development a good start?


Sorry for not posting the answer to your question @Nicke

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That’s a strange answer. Think whether Django is easy for you. If it is’nt, find what other fields are easy for you. If you’re looking for jobs, then check which fields have more job offerings.

Of course. Web development is very good and is a large field. But, I haven’t used Django yet (I learned HTML, CSS, JS to create websites). Seems like you’re more interested in web dev. Remember, I think you cannot become a web dev only by learning python. You need to learn HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, etc.

If you think web dev is for you, why not try it?

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Can I apply the skills I learn from web dev in other fields also?


For Example.
You learn Javascript for Web dev
It can be used to develop Game too

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What do you mean by other fields? Python can be used for almost every fields. If you learn JS, I think you can use it for other fields as well.

Yes. That’s a good example.

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Hey @Nicke!

This article has a lot of cool project ideas that you can try.

You could also look into the projects that are in the python sections of FCC if you haven’t done those already.

Hope that helps!

yes, programming skills are highly transferable between programming fields, you may need to learn new languages, but once you have the basics, it’s not that difficult