I am learning Python, but realized that I want to be a Web Developer

Hi. First of all thanks for this awesome resource and community. I am new here, and probably this question has been asked before, so if that is the case, I apologize.

I started learning Python about a month ago. Started with a youtube video tutorial, then bought 2 udemy courses, one from Jose Portilla and the other from Angela Yu. So far I am enjoying the learning.

But after reading some stuff, I decided that my goal is to be a web developer (front end, and freelancing - preferably), for which most peoples’ advice is to go through HTML - CSS - JavaScript route.

What advice would you give on this? Should I continue learning Python (as there is the Django or Flask route too), or switch to the front-end route right now, or maybe switch after I become somewhat proficient at one language (Python)? What advice would you give?

Thank you.

Go learn it here. The learning might be slower but you can definitely learn everything you need too. You can also use django and python to be a front end developer but usually you would have to learn the whole fullstack version so you can work with it. If you want to be a web developer make sure you learn css JS and HTML for you will use it at some point in your life as a web developer even with python

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Welcome, Authorminator.

There are many common takes on this. Some being:

  • Do what you are interested in. If you are not interested in HTML/CSS/JS, then it would be more annoying for you to learn and work with.
  • Have a look at the jobs near you (if you want a local job). This will give you a better idea of what is being looked for in a software developer. Personally, I prefer to learn what interests me, than what is easier to get into
  • For web development, you cannot get out of learning at least some HTML/CSS/JS. The web is built around these technologies…

To add: The Django/Flask route is not really comparable with HTML/CSS/JS, because Python (Django/Flask) is frequently used for backend development; HTML/CSS/JS are basically frontend. If you want to be a backend developer, then, there is nothing wrong with continuing with Python.

If you are interested in learning HTML/CSS/JS, then go for it. A decent amount of one programming language techniques can be transferred to another.

If you go with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you will be going through the MERN stack, which means Node.js (basically JavaScript) on the backend. I learnt Node.js, then Flask, and found the concepts to be very similar, so I do not see why it cannot go both ways.

Hope this helps some.


Thank you for your reply. The picture is much clearer to me now, that HTML/CSS/JS is a must for Front-end, and JavaScript works on both ends, so it is definitely on my list.

Actually, I am interested in both Python and the Front-end languages, and career-wise I am more inclined towards Front-end, so I will definitely learn HTML/CSS/JS.

The only confusion I am having is, a) should I switch now, or b) spend some more time with Python and then come back to these 3?

There is not really a correct answer here. If you spend more time with frontend, then you will progress your knowledge in frontend more quickly than if you did not. If you spend more time with Python, I am sure there will be benefits you can transfer, when you do start focusing on frontend.

If you want to start learning frontend dev now, then I cannot see why not.

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Thanks a lot.
I will continue learning.