Learning Python and HTML/CSS/JavaScript at the same time?

Hey there,

(first, english isn’t my native language but I hope everything will be perfectly understandable)

A few months ago I started learning Python and really enjoyed it, I went through the book Python Crash Course and coded for 4-5 hours a day during a few weeks. I did the first 10 chapters that were essentially about the basics but then I hit a wall. The following chapters were about building a game but I just couldn’t figure out how to do it, there was too much stuff I didn’t understand. So I was in this weird situation where I had some grasp of the basics but not a good enough one to start building projects.
So then I became a bit discouraged and didn’t do anything until about a month ago when I got back into programming in FreeCodeCamp. It was motivating because there’s a way to track my progress, with the projects and the curriculums. So I went through all the exercices of the Responsive Web Design curriculum pretty quickly, then I did the first project (a tribute page that I’m actually pretty happy with), and when I got into the second it wasn’t so much that hit a wall in that I don’t think I couldn’t have done it but I thought that I needed a firmer grasp of HTML & CSS before I got back to it.
So now I’m going through the book “A smarter way to learn HTML & CSS”, am almost done with it, and will go back to the Responsive Web Design projects when I finish the book.

With all that being said, and even though I want to keep learning about HTML & CSS (and later JavaScript), for some reason I think I had more fun with Python.
So now I’m considering buying this course in Udemy which sounds interesting and has a pretty nice discount. But, as I said, I also want to keep learning HTML & CSS and go through the FreeCodeCamp curriculums.

So I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Is it a good idea for a beginner to learn Python and HTML/CSS (+JavaScript) simultaneously? Would I be a better programmer if every day I spend, say, 2 hours learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript and 2 other hours learning Python, than if I focused on just on one of the two or will it just be too confusing?


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That’s exactly the situation I’m in right now. I have the same story.

I think normally people will focus on one language at first.
Sometimes I wish someone does “learning Python with automate boring stuffs/crash course” Youtube’s playlist. It gonna be very nice! But so far no one does


It sort of depends on what has brought you the most joy in programming. Javascript/HTML/CSS can take you down the front end route, but Python can build the fundamentals of understanding so many of the other languages that are not as functional programming based. You say you have more fun with Python, maybe you should consider building a Flask application that allows you to mess with the basics of HTML/CSS as you see fit, but without all the overhead and ‘shortcuts’ that Django can provide, and that way you can do cool stuff with Python and drive it with HTML/JS rather than using the command line. As a software engineer the most important thing that I’ve found is a) having fun and b) having an ‘end goal’ project when just working on new languages. Every person is different so be sure you’re picking a route that will keep you motivated. Hopefully this was helpful!

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Well, i recently started too, my native languaje isn’t english , if you don’t understand let me know it

i try to learn some languagues this year (html, css, javascript and doom) i have to get over me day after day, but i recently start learning in a good way making notes after of any section, if you want discuss some topics about css html or javascript it would be fine, im beginner too

yeah, it’s fine just learn front-end and utilize python as Django stack and build a dynamic and smart web application…