Confused beginner

Hey people i need advice…i am interested in fronted developement &data sc so i have a question …what programming languages to learn after html and css? (I am totaly confused beginner at 25 yo… I feel old for this I know that kids do html in 6th grade. :joy:)

For Frontend you need to know Javascript.
For Data science you need to know Python.

My advice is to play around and fiddle a bit with both until you understand what you want to pursue first.
You are in the learning phase, so it’s naturally and encouraged that you explore.

Just be aware not to get lost :smile:

Once you decide what you like and are passionate about; pursue it to a deeper knowledge.
It’s way better to be good at one area then switch to a different one, rather than be “meh” at two of them.

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Yeah you are right , I agree thats better to be good in one area then “meh” at two of them.
I will definitely explore a little then i will decide. But now its more clear to me.Thank you so much ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Since you mentioned you know HTML and CSS already, you could continue with the Front End certification and get your hands dirty with JS. That’s where the true “fun” of web dev comes in :wink:

But as always take this advice with a grain of salt, always follows your passion and intuitions :sparkles:

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haha ok then im sure i will be annoying here when things with js go out of control…but i love challenges so it ll be fun…

I’d like to add that once you learn a language like Javascript or Python, pretty much most if not all of the concepts of programming transfer, because they are all ways of communicating with the computer and telling it what to do in a way it understands.

So if you took a job where you needed to learn some other language, it would be much easier since you already know the concepts. You’d mostly just have to pick up the syntax and quirks of that language.

A lot of programming is about a way of thinking and solving problems.

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I see so phyton and js are good foundation for every other launguages.

I look at them all as tools and what is the best tool for the job you are trying to accomplish. It’s easy to get caught up in the debate of what to pick. I think if you have an idea of a job you want or project you want to do, pick one and dive in. :grin:

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Sure, i agree Thanks !

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