Required programming languages to find job

Hello everyone!

How many programming languages should I know to find a job. HTML + CSS would be enough or PYTHON. Would these 3 be enough?
What is your experience guys.

It all depends on what kind of job you are looking for.

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I don’t really know yet. I can say I am a beginner who started to do HTML CSS and python.
That is why I am here. Get some information from experienced people and find out the way how to practice, especially Python.

HTML and CSS won’t get you very far without JavaScript, there very tightly linked.


HTML/CSS aren’t programming languages, JavaScript is a programming language. HTML and CSS are just standards web browsers support to render things in the UI. By themselves they can do a few things, but only what the browser supports out of the box.

JavaScript is the language of the web and where and how a lot of interactive elements for web-apps/web-sites work. If you want to go into web development you must be solid with JS, there is basically no getting around it.

Beyond that though things depend on what kind of jobs are available in your area. Its possible Python is in high demand and they don’t want/care about HTML/CSS/JS. Its also possible C# is in high demand due to a lot of .NET development shops nearby.

Check a job site and see what is being sought after and go from there. Otherwise you can go with what you like, but I do recommend looking into different languages and technologies so you can at least gain awareness to what is out there and possible find something “better” than what your currently using.

Finally try not to focus too much on the languages themselves. They are only tools to do a job. Its more important to get the underlying concepts down as you can carry them over between languages and learn what you need faster.

Good luck, keep learning :+1:


Hey @maxabo!

This is super important to remember. I think as a beginner we tend to flock to which language is the “best” or which languages we have to know. At the end of the day, it is super important to have a good foundation in programming basics.

There are of course pros and cons of each language and tons of debates on which language to learn first but an array is an array, functions are functions and if statements are if statements. :grinning: Basics first.

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