Python for web development

I want to learn python for web development. I know HTML and CSS. But I am bit confused after reading a lot of guides like what should I learn first.
Should I learn JS first or Should I start learning Python?

If your main focus is web development, it should be javascript. The vast majority of the web works on javascript.
if you just want to learn python, go ahead. It can be used for lots of things and is relatively in demand.

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Python doesn’t really play well with html and css as you will be binding them together with a template engine most likely or probably making API requests, which require you to know how JavaScript works.

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agree with the previous answer, it’s better to start with JavaScript and C++. I’m working on my website for business right now and I’ve found info about best ssl certificates here. These certificates can help to protect user’s data. Nowadays it’s a necessary tool for every website.

I think you mean C# not C+, right?