A little help needed!

I wanna start learning coding and I want to know the application being used and necessary information needed before coding

Hi @KwakuAj1!

If you are interested in learning web development than I suggest you start with the FCC curriculum.

FCC teaches what is called the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) and Python.

The course starts with html and css which are markup languages and then moves to javascript.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the core of web development.

You can do all of the lessons in the online editor that FCC provides for you in the challenges.

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The only application that you need to follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum is a web browser.

Well, it depends what field under coding are you interested in.
I would say, you can probably start off with:

  1. freecodecamp
  2. The odin project
    Once you are done with these start building projects, grab a few courses from Udemy, Treehouse, Udacity etc.

I’ll give it try
Thank you for help.I really appreciate it