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Hello, I’ve been a COBOL programmer my entire life and don’t know any other languages. Can someone point me in the direction to be able to start a new programming career?
Thanks so much!

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take a look at the freecodecamp curriculum at

that could be a point to start
or there is a lot more at and the freecodecamp youtube channel

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Yes take a look at the FreeCodeCamp curriculum and also it’s Youtube Channel you have many coding challenges in the curriculum and thousands of videos on the youtube channel.

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HI @otieatkins !

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If you are interested in becoming a web developer then you can go through the FCC curriculum.

The first six certifications teach the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack.

The other certification teach python.
FCC is currently building out the Data science curriculum.

Hope that helps!

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I didn’t knew that

And it does , thanks! :pray:

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