Im totally new about programming

Would you recommend to do all 10 certifications and then focus on a speciffic one?

I’d recommend starting them in order they’re displayed. You can see all of them at

So you’d might want to start here:

In my opinion, learning responsive web design is a great way to start coding, and the course teaches it really well. Have a great time learning!


Meaning its recommended doing all 10? thanks

As you get further through and gain experience you may find that your particular interests or learning style doesn’t line up with the freeCodeCamp curriculum anymore. It’s not uncommon for people to switch over to more self-directed study after doing about half of the total coursework. When you’re first starting out though, I would suggest starting at the beginning and keep going until you no longer feel like it’s providing what you need.

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If you really want to, it might help you a lot if you got all of the certificates. However, what is your goal in programming? Are you interested in front-end (making websites, apps, online services), back-end (server-side code, using databases, etc…), data science (algorithmic coding, statistics, analytics ), or anything else?

With myself as an example, I wanted to do front-end development, so I completed the first two certificates (still working on learning front-end libraries.) However, if you think completing all of them will be useful for whatever you’re trying to achieve, then you should go for it. I’m just saying it depends on what you’d like to do.

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