Completing all 11 certificates currently available on freeCodeCamp

I started freeCodeCamp back in May '22, and I’ve had it in my head that I want to challenge myself to complete all 11 certificates this site currently has available. And, so far, I’ve made it quite far: I’ve completed 9 of them! I only have two of the Python certs left to go (Data Analysis and Machine Learning).

So, I’m wondering - is this a goal for anybody else? I searched around, and I can only find references to completing the original curriculum (the Full Stack Cert). Is there any info on how many people have completed all 11 Certificates?

i don’t think this information is publicly available.

I intend to also complete all of the certificates, but I have just started them and am only on the first one- congrats to you for completing so many!

Thanks, and good luck! My best advice is to chip away at the certificates every day in order to continue making progress. And try to take the challenging projects one step at a time. There’s been plenty of times where I thought to myself, “I have no idea how I’m going to complete this project.” But if you keep slamming your head into the problem (metaphorically) then you’ll eventually figure it out.