How many people have completed the Legacy Full Stack Certification?

Hello everyone! I have been doing my responsive web design curriculum these past few days and I found out about the legacy Full Stack Certificates. Does anyone know how many people till now have actually completed the courses and claimed the certificate? I am also curious if a lot of people have completed all 10 of the curriculum or not.

Great question!

Hope someone will answer!

I don’t believe that this information is tracked. The curriculum has changed a lot over the last 5+ years, including what certificates exists. That means that it’s pretty impossible to figure out how many people completed everything that was available when they were using freeCodeCamp.

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Hmm, I guess it is one possible conclusion. However I do think that it should be possible to track those that have claimed the certificates, especially for freeCodeCamp themselves right?

Hi @Bluesky21800!

There is data for every users progress and how many people have completed which certificates.

But when it comes to the legacy certificate, what was considered “completed” three years ago is different now. The same can be said for another 3-5 years from now because of the new curriculum additions.

I am sure there is data for those who have claimed some version of the full stack certification but everyone is going to have different qualifications for getting that certification over the last five years.

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