FullStack Development certification?

Can anyone tell the effort in getting a full stack development certification?

Any who completed already? Please advise.

Seems like nobody has completed the full stack development certification yet.

That post is from January. It would be great to see those numbers updated. :slight_smile:

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See: https://www.freecodecamp.com/about. 41 people earned all three the certificates. But I suppose that doesn’t mean they all have the full stack development certification.

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There is a great opportunity in a startup I know of who are looking for people with full stack development experience such as MEAN stack, meteor.js etc. If interested, drop an email @ dnithinraj@gmail.com.

All 3 IS the Full Stack Cert :slight_smile:

After you completed all 3, you have to do 4 non profit projects to earn your Full Stack Certification, right?

Oh is that not included? I think you’re right actually. My mistake!

Here is what the Road Map has to say…

Nonprofit Projects
(800 hours)

To qualify for these nonprofit projects, you must first earn all three foundational certifications: Front End, Data Visualization, and Back End

Greenfield Nonprofit Project #1 *

Greenfield Nonprofit Project #2 *

Legacy Code Nonprofit Project #1 *

Legacy Code Nonprofit Project #2 *

Claim your Full Stack Development Certification

If you click the ‘About’ Link up top it’ll tell you all the details of how many people have completed each stage.

Front End: 1,712 earned
Data Viz: 130 earned
Back End: 115 earned
All three: 45 earned

Looks like I have work to do if I want to rock it before the number exceeds 99!

Bam! Necro!

Seriously, I got really curious about this data. It seems the sheer number of campers that discovered freecoderscamp has grown a lot since 2016. How many have dared to go till the road’s end, however?

I restarted r]from zero 11 days ago, fully commited to get all three certificates.

The statics are no longer shown at “about” page…