Full stack certificate

Confused on this:
Screenshot from 2017-08-11 00-16-15

Just don’t understand why there is no Full stack certification in my list???

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Take a look here

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Thank you for answer!
But i still don’t understand. Other people have Full stack certification in their map but it is lock even if they finished up first 3 certifications. But in my list it just missing :frowning:

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Now it looks this way for everyone.


I believe there is a lack of a specific “Full-Stack Certification” is because freeCodeCamp wants to be flexible to the types of people it caters to. More like a pick and choose your skills in a modular fashion, rather than a one-all-fits-all kind of certification. You do essentially get a “full-stack” experience from having the front end, data visualization, and back end development certifications.

In the end, these certifications only have their weight in the projects you’ve completed, that’s what employers are really going to wonder about, not necessarily the “certificates” you may have.

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I am agree with you. Projects are more important!

It’s been changed to open source for good - as more and more people go through freeCodeCamp it gets difficult to pair everyone with a non-profit whereas open source for good allows lots people to contribute at once. Hopefully this explains things :slight_smile:

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I’ve written a comprehensive explanation of the new certificates (including the Full Stack Development Certificate) here: freeCodeCamp’s new certificates - here’s how we’re rolling them out