So no "Full Stack Certification" except "Legacy Full Stack Certification"?

Hello everyone!
I have following certificates:
Responsive Web Design
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure
Front End Libraries
Data Visualization
APIs and Microservices
Quality Assurance

But I cant find a button where I claim a “Full Stack Certification”.

So I guess no “Full Stack Certification” for me? Or I missed something?
Nevertheless, I am very sad.

with the last update of curriculum, the old Full Stack Certification is now Legacy Full Stack Certification

I don’t know if a new Full Stack Cert has already been released, but if you were following the old curriculum, you can claim the Legacy Full Stack cert

in case the new full stack cert is already there, make sure you have claimed all current certs (Python probably is not included in the full stack cert)

you are probably missing the Information Security Certification one

What a plot twist :slight_smile:
Maybe you know what should I exactly complete to get “Full Stack Certification” not Legacy one?
This article freeCodeCamp Certifications says
Upon completion of all six certificates, the freeCodeCamp Full Stack Development Program Certificate will be issued.

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that’s about the legacy one, to get the legacy full-stack cert you need to complete the six certs listed there:

the sixth one has been retired, the projects for that one are these:

and you can find them between the current Quality Assurance cert
and the current Information Security Certification cert

I don’t know about tbe current full stack cert

edit: the full-stack cert for curriculum 7.0 has not yet been released:

the only available one is the legacy full-stack

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