Full stack developer certification

I was wondering which certifications should I put my focus into if I plan on being a Web Developer. I found a Q&A article that basically said if I were to complete “all 6” certifications, I would get the “Full Stack Developer Certification, in other words, the Ultimate certification”. I believe it’s outdated because there’s like 10 certifications I can get. Which ones should I aim for if im looking to become a good web developer?

all of them more or less, and more (freeCodeCamp gives the basic, there is a whole world after)

a Legacy Full Stack Certification is now still available, the six certs are also still available, one of those is a Legacy cert so it is not in the curriculum directly, even if the content is still there, just rearranged

if you do tbe first six certs, and then the JavaScript part of the Information security cert (including projects), that is the more or pess the content for the Legacy Full-Stack cert
if you look at the settings of your account there is a Legacy section where you can see which certs you need for the Full-Stack one and which projects for the other Legacy cert