Full Stack certificate claim

Does anybody know if the “Full Stack Certification” is able to be claimed?
I have been earning the necessary certificates for the full stack one, but the button still be disabled, well the button is for “Legacy Full Stack Certification”, I can not find another one with “Full Stack”.

the Full-Stack cert for curriculum 7.0 has not been released yet

if you want a Full-stack cert you need to claim the legacy full-stack

notice that the certs for the legacy full-stack are not the same than the current ones
You need to complete the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance cert too, to see which projects are for that cert, just scroll down a bit. The projects can be found between the two current certs Information Security cert and Quality Assurance cert


Hi iehaleen

Just wanted to piggyback on this subforum. I noticed that the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance have projects in both the Quality Assurance and Information Security courses. Are you required to get the certs from both or just completed the respective projects from both courses to claim the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance automatically?

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just the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance cert, which you need to claim in the settings after completing all required projects - you can find it scrolling down

Hey Guys;

Looking for the Legacy full Stack Certification QUESTIONS. I just completed the full stack certifications, and I see there is no Full Stack Certification yet, and I do see the place where you can submit legacy full stack projects…
But this is my question:
Where do we find out WHAT the legacy full stack projects requirements are? all I see is a place to paste your solution without any indication what the program is meant to do?
Any ideas? I found examples of completed projects, so I can just follow thier lead…is that the plan?

Hello pauloconnell.

Many of the legacy projects are in the Coding Interview - Take Home Projects section

Hope this helps

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Excellent! Thanks again Sky!!!