Full stack certificate possible without doing newly added lessons?


Is it possible to get the full stack certification without doing the new lessons that have been added since I started?

Thanks in advance.

you can claim the Legacy Full-Stack certification

the full-stack cert for curriculum 7.0 has not been released yet

I completed all of the lessons that were available when I started, but the “Claim Certification” option for the Legacy certification is still grayed out.

Is there any way to tell which lessons are specific to 7.0, so i know which ones I need to complete in order to get the Legacy certificate?

you have to complete six certs, one of which is also a Legacy cert, if you scroll down on the Settings page you can see the required projects

you can find the required projects between the current Quality Assurance and Information Security certifications


I passed the classes but the “Claim Certificate” option is still grayed out.

Is there a list of lessons to complete in order to get the Legacy Certificate?

you need to complete the six listed certs, one of which is also a legacy cert, the projects for that one are listed just a bit below in the settings and can be now found between the two new certs “Quality Assurance Certification” and “Information Security Certification”, just check that you have completed all the 30 required projects, and claimed the six certs, and you will be able to claim the full-stack cert

It’s unclear what the 30 projects that you speak of actually represent. Can you please clarify?

I have completed everything except for the Python courses and projects in the Information Security section, two of which are also Python projects.

These were all added AFTER I started pursuit of the Full-Stack Certification. I will gladly take any other courses that I need to complete to get the Legacy certification, but I don’t want to take courses for 7.0 at this time if I do not need to.

Can someone please take a look at my account and point out which classes I need to complete to get the Legacy certification?

if you look in the settings of your curriculum account, the section for Legacy Full-Stack cert lists the 6 certificates you need to complete. Those six certificates can be found in that same settings page, one of which in the Legacy section.

For each of those certs you can see if you have completed the required projects, and if you have claimed the cert already.

The six certs you need to complete, each of these certs require five projects (total 30) to be claimed:

If you have completed these projects you can claim the Legacy cert needed:

Thing is, I’ve already done all the required Legacy classes with the exceptions of the two Python projects that were recently added.

I’ve annotated them in the Information Security section as shown below:

have you claimed the legacy infosec project? I do not see the button in the screenshot

Sorry, I must have overlooked that. Claimed the certification just now along with the
Legacy Full-Stack certificate.

awesome! congratulations