How to claim fullstack certificate?

Hello Campers!
I have claimed all six certificates but i cant claim the full stack certificate …
The button is disabled…please help any suggestion of what i can do will be appreciated… thanx

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what do you mean that you can’t? what do you see?

The button is disabled

is it the Legacy Full Stack cert you are looking at?

check again that you have claimed all six certs please

I have all six certificates

Yes. I’m also facing the same issue. I have claimed all six certificates. But the legacy full stack certificate ‘claim’ button is still disabled.

I have accepted academic honesty policy also.

This is so stressing… I was looking forward to this full stack cert😪

Just to confirm, when you scroll right to the bottom, do you see all of the inputs here filled in?

This is what i see.

But in the final (6th) certification, last two projects where different.

Information Security has been moved under a different topic.
Do we have to complete ‘Stock Price Checker’ and ‘Anonymous Message Board’ also ?

yes ,you need to complete legacy QA and legacy Information security before caliming legacy full stack certification

Heya everyone~!

I can confirm that you need to complete the Stock Price Checker and Anonymous Message Board projects.

Additionally, as @Sky020 mentioned, you’ll want to confirm that all five of these projects show a URL ( is not a valid project - this is just from testing on a local instance build of the site). This will allow you to claim the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance certification - upon claiming this with the other requisite certifications, the Legacy Full Stack certification should become available to claim. :slight_smile:

you can find the two missing projects in the current Information Security cert, which is almost at the end of the list of current certifications

Thank You. Will proceed to do that then :slight_smile: